Use Promotional Branding To Boost

Your Retail Business

If you are in a retail business, one of the most important criteria for your business will be to promote your business to your current and new clients. There are many ways to promote your brand. You can also do it through print, online or social media advertising. But this needs a lot of money invested in one go. But there are other ways of doing promotions as well.

Have you ever noticed that when you get something in hand with a brand printed on it and you use it regularly, don’t you tend to remember the brand more?  What are the other reasons to go for Branded Promotional items. Here we have listed out a few of them based on a research conducted.

Why Should You Use Promotional Merchandise

Branded Merchandise is used in sales more commonly than any other form of incentive. As per the questions asked to many of the people these were the findings:

  • 69% people felt that it targets customers effectively.

  • 52% people felt that it conveys lasting brand message.

  • 46% felt that it helps create loyalty.

Some of the other people feel that it helps in getting clients attention and we can also get the brand attributes across to your customers at the same time. And some also felt that it builds your goodwill and brand value very effectively.

Well, it is a fact that custom logo products will have better recall value than many other forms of advertising. So, it is definitely a great idea to go for give away promotional branded products for your customers as it will definitely make a meaningful impact on your audience.

Where & When To Use Promotional Merchandise

You can use promotional merchandise for various activities. As per another survey done on this question, we came out with the following reasons:

  • 73% people felt that it can be used for conferences and events.

  • 63% felt that it helps in creating brand awareness and rebranding activity.

  • 69% of the respondents felt that these items can be used very well as giveaways.

  • 13% felt that they used it for calling customers to act for a certain cause.

If you are looking at increasing awareness of your brand, or launching new products, this can be a very effective mode of attracting attention from your customers.

Different Promotional Branded Products

You can choose amongst a whole list of products that can be branded with your company’s brand and can be useful for your customers or potential customers as well as cost effective. These products can help you build your brand awareness.

Here are some of the different product options available for you:

Apparels: Corporate apparel can be very exciting for the customers and their morale. You can use them for corporate gifts as well as for raising any sort of funds.

T-Shirts or Jackets are most common apparels and can be made in different sizes like Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large etc. They can also be printed in different colours for different teams or departments. The company logo can be printed or embroided on the apparel. Caps can be made in different colours and styles. These fit in well as good branded merchandise as they can be used for outdoor events, trade shows, exhibitions or just seasonal promotions etc. Again here as well you can go for embroidering the company logo or brand name.

Drinking Containers: One of the most common products to be used on a daily basis. The drinking containers are great branding products. Branded promotional gifts, Shakers or Tumblers can come in different sizes and colours. You can choose what fits best for your product brand. Water Bottles with sipper can be also branded and given away to people from all backgrounds as these come to use for just everyone. They are really handy when you are on the go or even during travel or outdoor trips or events.

Bags: Whether you are offering them in exhibitions, road shows or trade shows, these can make great gifts and giveaways for your clients. You can go for laptop bags to simple hand bags or small totes, backpacks and duffels. You can print these bags with a company’s brand and customize them. These can surely give your brand a great lift. You can choose different material like cotton, polypropylene, nylon, canvas. You can also go for any other eco friendly options.
Personalized Pens can be very useful promotional items as they are used by every working person or even students. Different types of pens are available from the ball points to the fountain pens and high end quality ones. You can use any of the ones that fit in to your budget and your promotional style.

Customized Stress Balls are great for corporate executives or senior professionals. They can be always on their table reminding your brand to them. Possible to get in different colours and quality, the stress balls also remind your customers that you think of their wellness.

The Variety Advantage

You can use promotional merchandise for various activities. As per another survey done on this question, we came out with the following reasons:

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